Luxy Dress Sand

IDR 399.000 IDR 599.000
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Luxy Dress is one of newest collection from Alunicorn. This beautiful dress made from our finest material good quality. This Dress made from Premium Plisket. Details Luxy Dress with a full ruffle and crinkle in front of body. Luxy dress also breadsfeeding friendly with zipper in front, and wudhu friendly with beautiful detais rubber in wrist.

Dear Aluni, if you’re looking for elegant-classy modern dress, this Luxy Dress is one of your must have collection item. Made from Premium plisket, makes this Luxy Dress very comfortable. Simply chic, elegant-classic is representative for this Luxy Dress, you can wear this luxy dress for unforgettable moment and event. Luxy dress is very flowly and light in weight, and easy to care. 

Available in 4 colours; Sand, pure black, cranberry solid.

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